We have limited capacity to take new clients. If you are interested in joining the program, call 352-372-4959 and leave a message with your name, phone number, county of residence and type of low income qualification (see list below). You will be called back to schedule an appointment for screening/orientation. (If you do not have a phone, send email to coordinator@stfrancispetcare.org or come to 501 SE 2nd St. any Tuesday morning WITHOUT YOUR PET to be scheduled for screening.)

Screening and orientation sessions are held every other month. If your pet needs spay/neuter, we may arrange for surgery either before or after screening.

To be eligible for services you must live in Alachua County and meet our criteria for low income. The following are qualifiers for low income:

  • Homeless (Grace Marketplace, St. Francis House, other tent)
  • SSI Supplemental Security Income
  • 400 Building residents
  • Food Stamps or ACCESS (must show active status letter, no cards accepted)
  • Medicaid (must show active status letter)
  • Veterans in HUD/VASH
  • ACHA Alachua County Housing Authority (must show lease agreement)
  • Section 8 Housing (must have shelter verification letter)

People will not be accepted into the program if they are:

    • Under 18 years old
    • Students (with very limited exceptions)
    • Breeders

Only 2 pets per household are allowed in the program. Dogs under a year of age are not accepted into the program although we may arrange for spay/neuter.

All animals in a household be spayed or neutered. If you otherwise qualify but have unsterilized pets, we will arrange rabies and distemper vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery for them. This will be done at no cost to you, but you must keep your appointments and follow drop off and pickup instructions.

Other sources of aid

If your pet has a medical emergency or condition that is out of scope for the Clinic, and if you qualify as a client of the Clinic, there are some funding organizations that might be able to help you. For more information, see sources of financial assistance.

Clinic Rules

Dogs must be on leashes.
Cats must be in a crate, carrier or other secure container.
Smoking, vaping, alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are prohibited on Clinic premises.